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Image My former features editor in Denton is now the adviser of The Battalion, the student newspaper at Texas A&M. She invited me to speak to her students Sunday and then to a class Monday morning.

First, Aggies are a polite and impressive bunch. No wonder our own Allison Miles is such a hard and thoughtful worker -- that's apparently required at A&M. But do they have to say, "Howdy," quite so much?

Howdy aside, we'd do well to bring a couple more Aggies to the Advocate after graduation. I also appreciated the inspiration you feel from just stepping foot on a place of higher learning.

Texas A&M is huge -- 47,000 students. Who says Texas doesn't need a way to expand access to higher education? I'd say UHV could do well just catching the overflow from College Station.

Other random thoughts from a 310-mile drive:

  • What's up with all of the kamikaze butterflies splattered all over my windshield. Anyone know what's caused the sudden increase? Ro, did I miss your column on this subject?
  • During six hours of driving, I listened to Pandora on my iPhone. Made me wonder about the future of broadcast radio. I plugged in Tift Merritt radio on iPhone. Heard my favorites by her and others by related artists Pandora suggested to me such as Mary Chapin-Carpenter and Aimee Mann. And no commercials or annoying DJs.  How does radio compete with that? The various stations I created on Pandora were far better than any one I've ever heard anywhere in the country. Of course, that's because I tailored them exactly to my tastes.
  • Lots of cute little towns between here and there. What struck me about my favorites was their tidiness. Victoria could take a cue and clean up its act some. I'd like to connect with Joni Brown of Keep Victoria Beautiful to talk about her group and the Advocate might work together to promote beautification. We've done some things in the past, but it appears to be time to do more.