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We decided this election to expand the use of our live Webcast and invite candidates to talk with the editorial board.

We've been pleased by the opportunity to present the candidates to you in a new way. Through our Mogulus channel chat feature, viewers can participate in each interview. Even if you missed the broadcast live, you can still go back and watch the tape by clicking the On Demand button there.

Our next interview is with Victoria City Council candidate Jeff Lyon at 11 a.m. Friday. I'll be out of the office and miss this particular discussion, but we hope you'll tune in and participate.

The Victoria Advocate's editorial board has a longstanding tradition of not offering endorsements of local candidates (see previous blog on related subject), but we consider it an important service to provide as much information as possible so the voters can make up their own minds. We've long done that in print, but technology provides an additional venue for you.

Remember, we also broadcast our news meetings each weekday at 10 a.m. on the same channel. We started this interaction with readers in August (see previous blog on this) and found many willing to offer story ideas and reactions.

The broadcast quality is nothing special, but we think the information provided is. Are you watching?