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I've been impressed by how many people from the Crossroads region are signing up for Twitter.

Perhaps it's because we used Twitter to report on the police chief trial, the Gonzales shooting, the school mascot decision and other stories. Or, maybe, it's because Oprah signed on to Twitter. Think she is actually doing the Tweeting?

We hope to more fully integrate Twitter into our site. Until then, those of you on Twitter should try this Twitter widget. Click on the Other button for your blog and, voila, the Twitter geniuses supply a Flash or html widget you can embed.

That's what I did below.

Don't fret if you don't like Twitter. Blogging still works fine. Twitter is just one more way to connect us. It's not necessarily the best way. It surely won't be the last.

Maybe you can say hello to Oprah while you're Tweeting.

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