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I was mesmerized Thursday night by the "Christmas at the Carillon" performance in Our Lady of Sorrows.

As usual, the entire Conspirare choir concert, conducted by Craig Hella Johnson, sparkled and soared. I could go on and on about the creative arrangement of Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground" or the beautiful songwriting and singing of Patrice Pike, particularly on "Here Comes the Light."

But one song stood out for me. The elegant loneliness expressed in "Lighthouse" touched me and sent me searching YouTube for the songwriter. With all due respect to songwriter Antje Duvekot, the coffeehouse recording I found online pales in comparison to the Conspirare soloist's rendition in Victoria's Catholic church.

We ordered our recording of Thursday's recording. I'll be listening again to these lines:

Cause I am a lighthouse

In a desert and I stand alone

I dream of an ocean

That was here a long time ago

And I remember his cool waters...

And I still glow