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Is there an application out there that automates this process? After burning up Twitter with Tweets during the Super Bowl, I thought again about how it would be nice to aggregate all of these conversations into one post without copying and pasting.

Any expert Tweeters out there? Here is the low-tech copy-and-paste collection of my messages and a few replies from fellow Twitterers out there. As you can see, we had our own virtual Super Bowl party sans actually talking to or seeing each other (all that messy human interaction stuff):


Getting ready to help daughter with science fair project. Have to distribute pollution monitors around town. Isn't there a simpler idea?

Instead of watching pregame, drove stakes into the ground. When did parents get roped into science fair projects?

An ordinary Avon commercial? Hope Super Bowl commercials get more creative.
gizmoalex: @chriscobler that is what I said.
Hyundai going to be the big spender this year? Guess Detroit didn't get bailout money in time. from TwitterFon
Forever Young scores high for Pepsi. Doritos pulls lame groin joke.
Conan O'Brien mocks himself for Bud Light. Amusing but derivative.
You can't go wrong with Mr. Potato Head. Well played, Bridgestone.
Let's call a moratorium on monkees in commercials, shall we? Doritos had me until the guy was hit by the bus. As for, how is this company still in business? What is it even?
CjCastillo: @chriscobler It's a web hosting and domain name provider.
about 14 hours ago ·
People love Clydesdales. I'm not one of those people. A horse playing fetch. Whoopie.
Pedigree commercial, though, was funny. Get a dog.
@CjCastillo I know, but I don't know anyone who uses it.
Oh, and the Cards are in the game. Hooray.
Cheetos scores with pigeons. A fresh animal.
RT @10000Words: There was a time when #superbowl commercials were special. Now you can see em all on the net before and after the game.
But why would you be on the Net during Super Bowl?
How could Warner make such a bad throw?
The Boss is amazing. Takes me back to those great shows I saw of his in my glory days.
Of course, my daughter suggested he might break a hip.
Free breakfast for everyone at Dennys. See you there.
Beautiful, noble animals find their destiny - pulling beer wagons.
Penalties are killing Cards. Roughing passer call was a joke. A push?

Another Cardinal penalty? Where's Jerheme? Afraid game is over. from TwitterFon
Coke keeps coming up with gorgeous photography, animation. Sugar water never looked so good.
Anti-nuke group buys two local spots focusing on radioactive waste.
lkeeling: @chriscobler Those were first TV ads I've seen from them.

CjCastillo: @chriscobler I was wondering what that was all about.
about 12 hours ago
After play at end of half, this ended up being a dull Super Bowl. Even commercials are forgettable. Cards should have gone to 4 wideouts sooner. Jerheme makes big catch. from TwitterFon
Why didn't Cards run fade at the end of half? Could it be a game yet?
Refs aren't afraid to throw flags today.
Urban gets game- winning TD. Here it comes?
Or Fitzgerald for the TD. Let's say Urban was the decoy. We'll take that. What did I say about this Super Bowl being boring?
How did Steelers' vaunted TD collapse? These Cards never say die.
Make that vaunted defense.
Think the Steelers are thinking about that early decision to go for a field goal? They could use those 4 points now.
lkeeling Yeah, that happened to them twice. Also, if not for Harrison's 100 yard run, the game'd be over now.

First OT in Super Bowl history?
Uh-oh. Not much defense in the 4th quarter. What do Cards have left?
Whoa. Heart's racing.
What a catch by Holmes. How did he do that?
OK. Time for Hail Mary to Urban. He's the man for the job.
Hook and ladder?
lkeeling: @chriscobler Yeah, nothing prettier than those toes draggin to stay in bounds.

@lkeeling Yes. You have to give him that.
What a game. Good guys didn't win, but you have to salute Steelers.
I used to have my brother throw me sideline patterns when we were kids. In my dreams, I made a catch like Holmes did. from TwitterFon
Game was so exciting I wore out my iPhone. Do we ever do one thing at a time these days?
gizmoalex: @chriscobler no way. While I am waiting for things to load I am Tweeting or working on something else.
about 11 hours ago ·
@gizmoalex I hear you. I enjoy the technology, but I'm ambivalent about whether it's improved life.
Also in my dream: Warner launches that final pass a la Doug Flutie and Jerheme pulls it down in the endzone.


I'm not sure of the value of aggregating all of these Tweets into one blog, but I thought I'd give it a try. What do you think? Hope to virtually talk to with you at the next big event. Oscar night, anyone?