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I've been experimenting with integrating Twitter into my blog. For some frustrating reason, our system strips html out of the posts.

However, interactivity editor CJ Castillo suggested adding the feed to the blog settings so that the Tweets appear at the top of the blog. Even after doing that, though, I had problems getting the feed to work with the widget I was using.

Then a new Twitter user from the Crossroads region, Nelson Jackson, or @nel1jack, suggested another widget. Voila. Success.

This is a small example, but it shows the possibilities of Twitter in connecting communities. I don't know Mr. Jackson, but he helped me. Likewise, I don't know quite a few of the other people in the region I'm following on Twitter, but they're helping me stay more in touch with our readers.

I hope you'll join us on Twitter and try adding the feed to your blog. Let me know if I may help.