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I enjoyed the online discussion this weekend with a regular blogger who goes by the handle of Pilot at

We have a team of editors who take turns on the weekends serving as the lead moderator of our site. This weekend was my turn, so I kept a closer eye on posts and any complaints reported.

Pilot, who lives in Houston, blogged about the Victoria Advocate now vs. 10 years ago. Click here to see the conversation. My thanks to Pilot for consistently engaging in a constructive community conversation about his former hometown even though he now lives two hours away.

The main point I tried to make was to ask Pilot to look at an edition from 10 years ago and point out how it was better or worse then. As I wrote on his blog, I'm old enough to understand the nostalgia for the good ol' days, but memories can tend to romanticize past times. In my mind, I'm sure I was a lot smarter and better looking in my 20s than I actually was.

I encourage everyone to use Google's digital archives of the Advocate, which I blogged about previously here, to look at old editions and let us know what you liked then. We're using our recent readership survey to decide what improvements we need to make in the coming year to build on our dominant position as the source for news, information and advertising in the Crossroads region.

Although we reach 90 percent of the adults in Victoria County and 71 percent in the nine-county region, we know we can't get complacent. The competition in the digital world is too fierce for that.