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As we work on a redesign of our site, we remain firmly committed to featuring your contributions.

When I scan our site, I always find myself looking to see what you've contributed to our journalism. Today, I found these gems from you:

- A comment from Allfiredup pointing out that Google Street View isn't perfect.

- A photo from Leslie Kramer showing her 3-year-old son trimming the tree in his room.

- SouthTexas relays the view from newcomers that we should have curbside recycling. (I agree.)

- I even appreciate the comment from Evilgrag pointing out a stupid error we let slip by. The collective wisdom of our readers makes us better.

- What jazzes me the most, though, is when I see an interesting comment from a new participant like ashleysisson about selecting a name for her baby. Our goal is write stories that engage the community in a conversation.

What prompts you to participate?