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We've written a lot about the American Book Review reading series, but I want to also share this excellent article from

I'm biased, but I particularly enjoyed this comment from the chair of the English department at Florida State University:

“One night I was hosted at a small gathering with about 30 people from the community. They were all patrons of the arts and supporters of the university; we just had a wonderful time in a gorgeous home. The next day I gave a reading for a packed house. It must have been over 100 people, maybe 120. Very few were students. It was just amazing to me. He just drew all these people from the community and they all had read my work and wanted to discuss it with me” – so much so that they didn’t even want him to read, just discuss, Berry recalls. He compares, too, a lengthy treatment of his writing in the Victoria newspaper favorably to “some of the readings it’s gotten in the New York Times, for example.”

I salute Jeffrey di Leo, dean of arts and sciences at the University of Houston-Victoria, and Charlie Alcorn, managing editor of ABR, for their vision in making this happen. The community support behind the project is tremendous, too.

I hope to see you at the Jan. 22 appearance of poet Marjorie Perloff. Look also for our advance story, including an excerpt of the poet's work in the Jan. 18 or 19 edition of the Advocate.