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If you haven't already, I hope you'll take some time to read Leslie Wilber's special report Sunday on the use of scent lineups in criminal cases.

Around her other duties, Leslie worked about three months digging into this little-understood issue. We think her work should be considered by courts, prosecutors and defense lawyers across the country. As far as we know, no other media have examined scent lineups in this depth.

When Leslie first started working on the story, I kept asking this question, "Why are scent lineups allowed as evidence when something more scientific like a polygraph test is not?" You'll find our attempt at answering this question in the four-page special report.

I may be biased toward ink on paper, but I think you'll get the full impact of the story through the print version in Sunday's Advocate. There, you'll see better the outstanding graphics created by multimedia editor Robert Zavala and the various photos and other elements that accompany Leslie's stories.

The online bonuses are the videos of suspect Calvin Miller and of the scent trail used in the Sally Blackwell case.

We hope you'll digest all of this material and let us know what you think. We consider such investigative work to be one of the ways newspapers remain relevant in the digital age.