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For some readers, A2 is their favorite page. Others don't consider the content serious enough. Here's one such note and my response below. Let me know what you think:

I am tired of opening up the paper & having to read about celebrities on page #2! There are so many more important things going on in the world today & I personally think to open the newspaper up everday is a disgrace to our people. Is it that it is much easier to write an article on Micheal Jackson,Paris Hilton etc.? Reality is that there is Health reform,Iraq & Afghanastan making big headlines every day,every minute. But not in the Victoria advocate. They think what celebrities are doing are more important. I am tired of having to "dig" in the paper to find out what is happening in the world. Or better yet find it in on the internet. Usually there is small article somewhere tucked in a corner saying a US soldier was injured or killed. Wake up & let the people choose what we the people would rather read first .... I promise it won't be something that can be found on the cover of some magazine in the check out isle in the market store!

Thank you for writing. Please permit me to explain a bit. National celebrity news is certainly part of A2, but we also have there what we consider to be local celebrity news, i.e., Town Talk celebrating the accomplishments of our community residents; a spotlight blogger writing about issues of local concern; and Your Photos of local people. If you look at today's edition, you'll see about two-thirds of the page devoted to this local news.

We aim for this page to be a break for readers from news that can sometimes be grim. We hope this page gives people a smile and a brighter start to their day.

While doing this, we still aim to give readers plenty of the important national and international news of the day. We appreciate your desire to see more of this and thank you for your support of your hometown newspaper.

Please don't hesitate to contact me about this or any other issue.


Chris Cobler Editor

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