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Image I appreciated greatly Henry Wolff's departing thought as he retired his column Sunday after 44 years of writing for the Victoria Advocate. Writing for a newspaper -- or any other medium -- is supposed to be fun, Henry reminded us.

I hope you read his farewell column and saw the accompanying illustration by Robert and Julie Zavala. I stand in awe of anyone who could write a column five days a week, as Henry did for many years. If you have ever written anything, you'll appreciate the grit, guts and gumption it takes to accomplish such a remarkable feat.

I thought of Henry on Sunday afternoon as my son and I explored a nature trail in Riverside Park that burned a week ago. I probably never would have taken this stroll, except for an 11-year-old's enthusiasm for learning and adventure. My son and I had a grand time examining a still-smoldering stump and guessing how long it would take for the charred land to be reborn.

I don't really know Henry because he had begun writing from his home before I joined the Advocate. But I'll bet you his enthusiasm for learning and adventure rivals an 11-year-old's. Even in retirement, Henry surely has many happy trails left to explore.

Maybe we can get him to even start a blog on this site to keep us posted occasionally on his journey. What do you bet he'd be a great blogger, too?