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I sometimes feel like a street preacher, sermonizing about the value of newspapers.

I'm back at my pulpit today after the Advocate announced its first rate increase in five  years. No one wants to see a price increase, but a newspaper remains an incredible deal. Consider this:

  • What other product hasn't increased in price for five years?
  • What else can you buy for 46 cents (the average cost of a seven-day home-delivered Advocate in Victoria)?
  • What else can you buy that makes you smarter and doesn't make you fatter?
I've blogged before about the poor job the newspaper industry has done over the years in promoting their value to consumers. We can't turn back the hands of time, but I hope you'll continue to see the value of supporting the hometown newspaper.

Your Advocate binds the community together. We're far from perfect, but you have our pledge that we'll continue to do our best to make the Crossroads proud and better connected.