Blogs » Your Advocate: an editor's blog » What if you could watch a Victoria spelling bee in China?


You probably missed Tuesday night's live broadcast of the Crossroads regional spelling bee. We had only a handful of viewers, but the possibilities excited me nonetheless.

Along with being impressed with the contestants' skill at spelling words at which I whiffed badly, I enjoyed the ability to chat with other viewers. We created our own contest for a time, seeing who could type the words the fastest. The side game added to the fun and drama.

During the broadcast, CJ Castillo and I posted Tweets to alert our followers. From there, GlobalGal, a former Goliad resident now living in China, tuned in. She watched for a while all the way from China and chatted with us.

I don't know what this all adds up to, other than a reminder that I'm not smarter than a seventh-grader, but it's a brave new world. When I graduated from journalism school in 1982, I never imagined I would be chatting with someone from China while watching a spelling bee on my laptop in my living room.