As we near the end of our "Fatal Funnel" series, I am heartened to read so many positive comments attached to the remarkable video produced my multimedia broadcast editor Bill Clough.

I hope our print readers will come to this blog and click on the link to watch the four-minute video. I have not seen another newspaper produce anything quite like it.

The video re-creates the heart-wrenching testimony of Maria Elena Castro-Reyes. She told about being thrown inside the suffocating trailer and being unable to save a 5-year-old boy, one of the 19 who died six years ago near Victoria.

Bill enlisted the artistic talents of multimedia editor, the musical talents of delivery desk editor Nick Rogers, graphic artist Julie Zavala and Web developer Bob Zavala, and the gripping voice of Victoria actress Katrina Morris. The power of the piece almost takes your breath away.

One reader put it this way about the "Fatal Funnel" series: "There is a reason to look at this again, and that reason is in the video. Very moving."

Another addressed those critical of the series: "A well-written article and an extremely poignant video, I thought. The Advocate has done a great job, thus far, and I would like to see where this series will lead to. I am personally NOT TIRED of the Advocate writing on the subject, despite so many people saying that they are."

A third noted why the issues surrounding illegal immigration deserve such an in-depth analysis:

"Very, very well done. A fresh approach to the event. A glimpse into what must be one of many personal stories arising from that horrible tragedy.

"I disagree with other posters who are tired of being reminded that 19 human beings perished at the hands of greedy cowards. Evil flourishes when good men do nothing. Avoiding the subject of human trafficking and all its dirty secrets and sad stories will not make it go away."

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