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You do all you can to protect your children from life. You're never in the least bit prepared for death.

Death came crashing far too close to home Monday while we were enjoying an afternoon at the pool. Our 14-year-old daughter, never far from her cell phone, received a call from a friend in tears. Their friend, Alyssa, had died in a car crash. Another friend from Howell Middle School was injured; her father was dead.

We consoled Nicole as best we could the rest of the day. We talked about Alyssa and how much fun they had together at our daughter's birthday party at Rockport Beach last September. Nicole couldn't remember how they met -- only that Alyssa made friends with everyone because she was so friendly and full of smiles.

Alyssa was with her friend, Maddie, and Maddie's family when the crash occurred. I can't conceive of the pain both families must feel. We had just seen Maddie honored as the top band student at Howell and shared in the pride her parents surely felt that evening. I pray the community and their faith somehow get them through this horrible loss.

Nicole, our precious first-born, was back at school Tuesday. When you first take your child to that first day of kindergarten and leave her in someone else's care, you realize you can no longer protect her from life. Or death.