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I don't know where all this leads, but I'm sipping coffee, reading the paper and listening to a radio station out of Boulder, Colo.

That's possible because I downloaded an application for my iPhone that allows me to pick up almost every radio station in the country. When I'm not listening to this app, I tune in to Pandora, a commercial-free Internet station that selects songs based on my taste. Or I listen to the songs I've purchased from iTunes. My iPhone can pipe all of this through my home stereo.

I still tune in to local stations during my short drive to and from work, but that's only because my old car is not equipped with a built-in docking station for my iPhone. I'm not sure how this all plays out for the future of local radio. I doubt I'm of much value to that Boulder radio station because I won't be shopping in any of their advertisers' stores.

The Boulder station, KBCO, is my favorite among the various places where I've lived. Where do you turn for your favorite music?