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Hit by the flu this weekend, I don't have much energy beyond watching the Texans and talking to friends on Facebook.

Because of my occupation, I'm a student of social media. I alternate between thinking it's really cool and finding it incredibly annoying. Today, I'm much more leaning to the former.

Many Facebook friends have let me know they're sorry to hear I'm under the weather and have suggested remedies. And I've been able to chat without contaminating anyone.

I've been making quite a few new Facebook friends around the Crossroads region as another way to reach out to the community. I try to post daily about stories we're working on at the Advocate, and I encourage people to let me know about their story ideas. Since I started this push a couple of weeks ago, I've heard from several people with good ideas.

I hope you'll look me up on Facebook and join my list of friends. Click here to find me, or search for my name on Facebook. I'm the one with the profile picture of the Advocate, a pen and a latte from Longleaf.