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I wonder how many people trust e-mail as a source of information. I ask because we recently received repeated e-mails about a boycott by Hispanics that never happened in Victoria. Reporter Allison Miles blogged earlier about that urban legend making the rounds.

Every so often, we receive other e-mails containing urban legends. This week, for some reason, we're getting e-mails about President Obama's failing to salute or put his hand over his heart. The truth is Obama's picture was taken while "Hail to The Chief" was being played. You may read more about the latest urban legend at

I point out this misinformation not to promote any particular political position. Rather, I hope to encourage people to read a trusted news source regularly. Even better would be reading multiple trusted news sources.

You'll have plenty of issues to consider and debate if you do. You won't need to get worked up about imaginary demons making the e-mail rounds.