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Comcast, the nation's largest cable provider, announced recently it will be offering the ability to stream video from the Internet straight to your TV.

Early tech adopters already are figuring out ways to do this, but this advancement will make such viewing much easier for the regular consumer. TV expert Al Tom Tompkins describes this development as "a sea change for television."

"You cannot overestimate how much of an issue this could be for television stations," Tompkins writes. "Comcast will be able to bypass the local stations and go straight to the viewers, who will be able to watch what they want when they want on any connected laptop."

No word on when Suddenlink, which provides cable service for the Victoria area, will offer this, but I expect it's coming nationwide. Already, I'm watching more and more shows on the Internet. Last night, I used ESPN 360 to watch Kansas Jayhawks' basketball. The game wasn't available on my cable channels.

I see this dramatically changing the TV landscape when you no longer need to go through a local affiliate to satisfy your viewing desires. How do you think this might change what you watch?