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Growing up in Topeka, Kan., I gave up on the Kansas City Chiefs' after their early Super Bowl success. The Hank Stram and Marv Levy eras of the 1970s were painful to watch.

Because of the Los Angeles Rams' eye-catching helmets, my older brother and I became fans of that California team. He was Roman Gabriel and I was Jack Snow as we ran sideline routes at Jay Shideler Middle School across the street from our house.

Then I moved for the first time to Colorado during John Elway's rookie season for the Denver Broncos. He astounded me each week with his athleticism, creativity and will to win.

I stuck with the Broncos even after Elway retired, but this off-season has been too much to bear. The new coach has run off Denver's star quarterback and receiver. I have no desire to watch an 0-16 team.

Clearly, I'm in need of the next rising John Elway. Of course, that doesn't come along every day. Any suggestions?

I could adopt the Cowboys, but I confess we made fun of that whole mystique surrounding America's Team when I was a kid in Kansas. The Texans have a Broncos connection with Gary Kubiak, but I'm not sure that's enough to attract me.

Perhaps I'll be a free agent this season. Or focus more on college football. My Kansas Jayhawks appear posed to have a good year. And it's only two months until basketball starts. Then there's no question about my allegiances.