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Talk show host Glenn Beck apparently urged his listeners to call their local newspaper about the lack of coverage of the ACORN scandal.

We learned about Beck's segment after a half-dozen Crossroads listeners called the Advocate newsroom Tuesday. We were caught a bit off-guard because our primary supplier of national news, the Associated Press, has not provided much ACORN coverage recently. We did find a short story to publish Wednesday.

I also plan to contact our AP bureau chief in Dallas to let him know of our readers' interest. We welcome reader calls and suggestions, although I also try to explain we're not part of any liberal media conspiracy. The callers seemed to assume we were intentionally overlooking the story.

Our reporters focus on local news. Our editors review our wire services daily for news from elsewhere that we think might be of particular interest to Crossroads residents. If ACORN or any other national scandal rates extra attention, we'll try to provide it via the AP.

Please don't confuse your hometown newspaper with what you see or don't see on CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN or MSNBC. They have national correspondents and can explain their own coverage. We don't have a dog in that hunt.

We want to be your Advocate. If you want to see certain more of a certain story, by all means call my office at 361-574-1271. We'll bark at the AP for you, but our little yapping voice from Victoria can carry only so far.