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Image We might have missed a heart-warming story if not for the Twitter work of Starbucks barista Alyssa Vidales.

Interactivity editor C.J. Castillo spotted Vidales' Tweets on Friday morning about the wedding of Glenn and Chalice Miller. In the modern version of wedding photography, Vidales was even posting images of the ceremony in almost real time.

Reporter Aprill Brandon caught up with the newlyweds later in the day for a fun front-page story for Saturday morning. We wish the bride and groom all the best and thank Vidales for alerting us to the story and agreeing to share her pictures with our readers.

You may see more of Vidales' photographs at a special Web page she set up. I particularly the ending she wrote there:

"Now they’re a married couple! May his grande lattes, her grande nonfat caramel macchiatos, and their marriage be good to the last drop.

"I love my job."

When we get to do stories like this one, so do I. Hazlenut lattes (my drink of choice) all around!