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Get out the rocking chair: I received my introductory offer to AARP last week.

This lobbying group is clearly on top of its game. I don't turn 50 until later this year, but my gray hair must be showing. By Social Security (for what that's worth) standards, I'll be working until at least 67, but the AARP wants me now.

Coincidentally last week, I had a retired person I know complain bitterly about the younger generation, saying the whipper-snappers don't care about their work. I hope I never become so old at heart that I start lumping everyone younger into one dismissive label. At least now I can whip out my AARP card in defense.

I probably will never grasp the attraction of butt cleavage, piercings and tattoos, but I hope I always appreciate the promise of tomorrow. My children and their friends make that easy to do for now.