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I'm not sure my sleeping wife would agree, but it's a marvelous time when journalists (or anyone) from across the country can discuss an issue of the day from their living rooms.

Below is a Twitter exchange I had early Sunday morning with Greensboro, N.C., editor John Robinson and social media guru Steve Buttry.

I share it so that you also might weigh in on the question of the Jerry Jones video.

Buttry: Sportswriter laments era when public learns truth w/o journos' help: column link via @jeffjarvis & @johnrobinson

Robinson: Sports is the last bastion RT @jeffjarvis Isn't his sports journalist lamenting a new, shared definition of public?: column link

Robinson: They're the same guys, @jeffjarvis, who didn't write about Mickey's & Whitey's partying, steroids, Tiger's women, etc.,

Cobler: @johnrobinson You're not bothered by secret recording of a drunken public official?

Cobler: @stevebuttry What truth is found on secret recording of a drunken public official?

Buttry: @chriscobler What truth is found in coaches & team owners BSing sports writers in interviews & pressers? He's misses the era of the coverup.

Robinson: @chriscobler He's not a public official, but no, I'm not bothered when a public personality is recorded making comments of public interest.

Robinson: @chriscobler In this case, it shows what the owner of the Cowboys thinks about prominent past & future employees. Seems like news to me.

Cobler: @johnrobinson I think he's mainly lamenting that MSM use social media as an excuse for violating their own ethics.

Cobler: Good thing social media clued us in on these "truths" about Jerry Jones: He drinks, he can be a jerk, he swears a lot.

Cobler: @stevebuttry I completely agree sportswriters have fawned over athletes, teams. Poor journalism + unethical recordings = better coverage?

Buttry: @chriscobler Did I say better coverage? I was criticizing sportswriter who feels sorry for Jones (I don't) & pines for the good old days.

Cobler: Social media is an exciting opportunity. We don't have to trumpet questionable examples of it.

Robinson: @chriscobler You're saying it's unethical because he supposedly didn't know he was being recorded?

Cobler: @johnrobinson Drunken person + secret recording = at least cause for legit media outlets to stop and think before rebroadcasting.

Robinson: @chriscobler My guess is that he is like me: Everything I say, write or do - whether "public" or not - could become public.

Cobler: @johnrobinson I agree, but does that mean media should have no standards in their reporting? I feel sorry for public, not Jerry Jones.

Cobler: Another take: "we're still... trying to decide what's appropriate in this age of instant information, what's not" column link

Robinson: @chriscobler I think the reality runs into the philosophical & the reality always wins. Old rules can't apply even if you want them to.

Cobler: @johnrobinson I'll have to think more about that. Can't SPJ code of ethics still be applied to new reality? Time for an update of it?

Robinson: @chriscobler Agree. But in the end, don't you have to go with what's news? (We'd have waited & interviewed Jones abt tape when he was sober)

Cobler: Thanks to @johnrobinson, @stevebuttry for fascinating discussion of Jones video. Need to sign off now to get the day started.

Robinson: @chriscobler @stevebuttry Sounds like a blog post in the making. Thanks, Chris.

Buttry: @chriscobler What, our discussion wasn't part of the day? ;)

If you want to see the video for yourself, YouTube has it posted. If you don't click play, I don't blame you.