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I watched the magical movie "The Paper" again last night. This time, we deemed our kids old enough to join us for the viewing and snuggled up with them and air-popped popcorn covered in butter and Parmesan cheese.

The movie came out in 1994 when my wife, then a reporter, was pregnant with our first. It's hard to believe that baby is now almost 16 and learning to drive.

The movie resonated with Paula and me so much because we saw parallels in our lives and those of metro editor Michael Keaton and reporter Marisa Tomei at the mythical New York Sun. We were in Denton, which is a long way from the Big Apple, but we related to the struggle to balance work and family in a highly demanding career.

My brother called me the other week to tell me he had watched the movie again and thought of me. He even recalled that I had taken him years ago to a concert by Randy Newman, who sings the closing song of the movie.

The call prompted me to watch the movie again with our children and my in-laws. Afterward, my mother-in-law joked she felt sorry for me for having such a stressful job. She loves all newspapers, so I know she was only half-serious.

Still, I was surprised by her reaction. When I watch the movie, I think, "Is there a job anywhere that's more fun?" I'd like to have a special showing for the Advocate staff sometime.