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I've heard plenty of newspaper jokes, but my mother-in-law shared a new one in her birthday card to me last week.

I present it here in honor of the Advocate's hard-working reporters:

Three hunters go to a convenience store in Texas to buy supplies. "I notice you folks don't have a dog," says the owner. "You can rent mine for $50 a day. His name's 'Reporter,' and he's the best hunting dog around here."

The hunters talk it over and agreed to rent Reporter. And the amazing hunting dog expertly does it all: point, flush, retrieve, and their hunt is very successful. As the hunting season progresses, the hunters use Reporter again and again with continuing success, even though the store owner raises the price to $250 a day after learning of the success of the hunters.

The next hunting season begins, and the three hunters return to the store and ask whether Reporter is available. The owner looks dejected and replies, "Yep, he is, and you can have him for $5 a day."

The hunters are incredulous. "Five bucks? For Reporter? Are you kidding?"

"Nope," says the owner. "Last weekend, some idiot hunters took Reporter out with them. They got his name mixed up and called him 'Editor' all weekend. Now all his does is sit on his ass and bark."

Of course, my sweet mother-in-law added this handwritten line: "Except for our favorite editor, of course."

I'm sure Advocate reporters appreciate the joke. After a week out of the office, I need to get my bark back. Thanks, second mom, for a helping of humble pie for my birthday. That's good for these 50-year-old bones.