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You have filled our Viewpoints pages with your letters to the editor, presenting an exquisite problem for us.

To make room for these letters, candidate guest columns and the Victoria League of Women Voters' candidate questionnaires, we've had to shelve most of our regular Viewpoints features. We do all of this to help you become a more informed voter.

This is the second year our editorial board also has invited candidates to appear on a live Webcast. During these broadcasts, candidates field questions from us and from you.

The videos and all of our campaign stories and information are available for your review at If you have any questions about candidates before voting early or on Election Day, we hope you'll find this material useful.

Please let us know what other information you'd find helpful in print or online. We'll keep developing Election Central for the May city and school board elections and then again for the November general election.

This additional coverage in print and online reinforced for the editorial board our decision two years ago to stop endorsing state and federal candidates. The Advocate already had a longstanding policy of not endorsing in local elections on the belief that you could get to know these candidates on your own.

We want to encourage your participation in democracy in every way we can, but we don't think our editorial board's opinion is as important to that process as it once was. You have more ways, including our new Webcasts with candidates, to get informed than ever before.

Hope to see you at the polls. On Election Night, we'll update our Web page as the results come in. May the best candidates win.