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All journalists love a big story, but a community newspaper editor also gets a kick out of the little things.

When readers submit a fun photo or a great story idea, a smile comes to the lips of any editor who knows the newspaper's success rests on the involvement of his community. When you care enough to share with your Advocate, we know we're an important part of your life.

One of the new ways we've made it easier for you to share is via Your Photos, our online way of submitting your digital images. In print, you've seen the results through our readers' outstanding Father's Day and Fourth of July packages.

Our current contest asks you to submit pictures of how you're beating the heat. We encourage all readers to visit the online gallery and rate their favorite images. The highest-rated picture will earn the photographer a pair of Cinemark movie passes.

Of course, we also want you to submit photos of whatever tickles your fancy and to suggest the topic for our next contest. We look forward each day to seeing how you'll surprise and delight us.


We tried beating the heat Monday at the Schlitterbahn water park in New Braunfels. I floated mainly down the Lazy River but still managed to sunburn the tops of my ankles as my feet dangled in the water.