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If you haven't seen it already, you have another weekend to catch Theatre Victoria's "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown." Our review Sunday included all of the particulars, including the upcoming performance times.

If you think community theater lacks talent, you need to see and hear this stellar cast. They all have strong singing voices, but I was particularly impressed with the personality Julie Maples brought to the role of Snoopy and Taylor Shelley infused in the role of Sally.

The show took me back to a childhood spent reading my hometown newspaper's comics page and devouring Peanuts books for more. We also never missed a Peanuts' special on TV.

I'm no longer a devoted comics reader and miss the days when I went to that page first in my newspaper. Will another Peanuts ever come along to capture the hearts of newspaper readers in quite the same way? I once thought "Calvin and Hobbes" might, but creator Bill Watterson took the precocious boy and his stuffed tiger from us far too soon.

What's your favorite comic strip? How does it compare to "Peanuts"?

Speaking of comics, I meet Monday with Darin Kazmir of Victoria College to brainstorm ways we might jointly promote the upcoming appearance of "Baldo" creator Hector Cantu in the Lyceum speaker series this fall.

"Baldo" is one of the relatively new strips appearing in the Advocate. I've recently started reading and enjoying more the antics of the daydreaming teenage boy mixed up in the melting pot we call America.

Dearly departed Charles Schulz isn't coming back to bring us new adventures of the little rounded-headed kid, so we must move on. For one night in the Welder Center, though, you can go home again.