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After eating Saturday night at the Taqueria on Sam Houston Drive, my family stopped me on the way out the door and said another diner wanted to talk.

She introduced herself and said she wanted to tell me how much she appreciated what I do at the Victoria Advocate. I was so surprised I said something like, "In general, or anything in particular?"

She replied that she just loved the Victoria Advocate and wanted to tell me so. I thanked her being so sweet and making my night. My family and I went from there to the Victoria Generals game, where Advocate publisher John Roberts was throwing out the first pitch.

I wish I could have shared that moment at the Taqueria with the entire Advocate staff. We hear readers' complaints regularly because that's the nature of our business. Such appreciation, though, reminds us of the special relationship a community has with its hometown newspaper. In my experience, the Advocate's relationship with the community is particularly strong because of the longtime family ownership and the paper's tradition of involvement in so much that happens in the Crossroads.

I accepted the woman's appreciation the other night, but that was on behalf of all who work at the Advocate and, in particular, all of those who have gone before me for the past 165 years.