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Facebook is the new party line. People have a lot to say there about the hurricane in the Gulf.

Here's a sample of the comments I found Tuesday:

-- Ike came, and Victoria didn't even get a drop of rain. Victoria is so boring that even hurricanes don't want to come here.

-- Hurricane season. Time to put away the flat iron. Bad hair days predicted. Yuck.

-- Gettin' ready for work I'm really thinkin' that hurricane Alex is not coming this way, but if it does cause for a party.

-- Wine dinner tonight. so much stuff to do. Why is everyone freakin out over cat. 1 hurricane? what is that -- heavy rain?? i looove hurricane season.

-- Hurricane tip....get your laundry done!!! You may not have water for a few days after this storm blows in!!!

-- Hey, did you know? We had a hurricane in the Gulf?;) seriously??

-- Alex, Alex, the hurricane

You must be goin totally insane

Planned a really sweet vay-cay

So you best stay away from Port-A

Please oh please just take a chill pill

And sizzle on down like chopped veal


-- We are in its track also, so I am headed to Specs tomorrow. If it's bad, I will see you in Flatonia, too!!

Of course, some are taking Alex a little more seriously:

-- My boss seems to be intentionally trying to freak me out with impending doom with worst-case hurricane scenarios.

-- Ohhemmggeee.... We have a hurricane in the Gulf!!! Not cool!!!

-- Still very confused on why people are getting excited that Hurricane Alex may come our way. Why do people want some destructive to hit us. It does not make sense to me.

What quips do you have to add? Although hurricanes should by no means be taken lightly, smiles feed the human spirit like the warm Gulf waters fuel a storm.