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Image Toward the end of the game, I looked up into the stands to see a fan reading the Advocate's special section featuring double-sided cover pages. The sight warmed an editor's heart on a cool November night. To see a gallery of almost 100 photos from the game, go to

I bumped into Victoria superintendent Bob Moore on the field after the East-West game Friday night. I was busy trying to capture iPhone video of the excited Titans and their fans. He was understandably soaking up the pleasure of seeing the community come together in record numbers for a school event.

Wearing his "WE" (West and East combined) hat, Moore shook my hand and told me the district estimated the crowd at 14,000 or 15,000. About 11,000 tickets were sold, and at least 3,000 had staff, student or faculty passes, he said.

You might argue that sports play too big of a role in our society, but the best the game had to offer was on display this night. You could feel the positive energy flowing from the packed stands.

At the Advocate, we tried our best to capture this excitement before, during and after the game. Our game-day special section featured a double cover, an idea managing editor Thomas Martinez brought from something he had worked on for the Oregon-Oregon State rivalry at another newspaper. We figured this was one way to satisfy the rabid fans of each school who regularly call us to complain we're favoring the other one.

During the game, public service editor Gabe Semenza and I sent video to as fast as we could. Combined with Martinez's efforts at the St. Joseph game, we filled our website with 141 video clips, a record for us since we started shooting almost-live video this season.

Of course, we also spent considerable effort making Saturday's Advocate one befitting the historic nature of the game. "Rivalry reborn," we declared in a screaming front-page headline.

Over the top for a silly football game? I don't think you'd feel that way if you were inside Memorial Stadium on Friday night.