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Trapped by the rain Saturday, I smiled even bigger at the photographs of Friday's double rainbow captured by Advocate readers.

I saw that gorgeous rainbow while taking my kids to school and asked on Facebook whether anyone had a picture of it. Within a few minutes, friend Cari Laza obliged. Soon thereafter, more photos arrived to brighten the end of the work week and Saturday's edition.

The marvel of digital photography makes it easier than ever to share and to spread that sense of community. We celebrate Sunday those who shared pictures of their children going back to school. Next, we're starting a contest we're sure will be popular: pet photos.

I grumble at my family for taking so many pictures of our house cat, Pica. Why do we need so many pictures of a cat? He looks the same in all of them. Come on, my family members tell me, don't be such a grouch – he's adorable.

How adorable is your dog or cat? Or your lizard or possum? Our reader contest is open to pets of all stripes. Post your image under the pet category Your Photos at

And you don't need a contest to share your photos with your Advocate. Please do that any time you see a rainbow or something else that catches your eye. You'll make an editor smile.


I'm more of a dog person, although I have to admit Pica won me over a bit by getting along with our old mutt, Scoop. Sadly, Scoop isn't with us anymore.