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My son is on a quest to find a sled. When I told him it actually appeared we'd have snow stick to the ground starting Thursday night, he almost bounced off the walls. The latest forecast calls for up to 1-3 inches of snow.

Based on all of the comments I'm hearing and seeing from others around the Crossroads, he's not alone in his excitement about this possibility of a rare snow in South Texas. We hope to capture the moment with your help.

When unusual weather strikes, we've had great success in the past harnessing your energy via social media. Here is how we plan to do that again if snow starts falling:

  • Use CoverItLive to gather our staff's Tweets and your Tweets using the hashtag #stxsnow. All of the Tweets will appear on If you don't use Twitter or our website, don't worry. We'll collect the best Tweets and publish those in print, too.

  • Use our Posterous blog,, so that you may easily e-mail any weather photos or video you take and even view them on your smartphone. E-mail photos to or upload them directly to our by using Your Photos. With all photos, please be sure to include your name and the time and where you took the picture and any other information you'd like to share. (If you want to warm up by looking at photos from the flurries that fell in December 2009, check out the Posterous blog now.) Again, we'll publish as many reader photos as we can in print, too.

  • Along with posting updates 24/7 on our website, we'll use the Advocate's Facebook page to share the news and interact with the community about what's happening. If you haven't already, we hope you'll visit the newspaper's Facebook page and "like it" so that our updates will appear in your news feed.

  • If snow starts falling, visit our website for live video reports. We'll have our staff out with cameras, and we'll turn on our webcam.

  • Of course, we also want to hear from you the old-fashioned way. If your school, organization or business is closed because of the weather, please call the newsroom at 361-574-1222. We'll share these updates with the community as fast as we get them.

Have fun, and stay safe. Oh, and let me know if you want to arrange a sledding outing. Where is the best hill, if there is such a thing, around Victoria?