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One challenge of managing a newspaper is that you're almost always looking for talent. That's probably true at many businesses, but it's particularly true in our industry because bigger papers are regularly trolling for talent at smaller ones.

And the country is filled with newspapers.

You learn in our business to sincerely congratulate those who find an exciting new challenge. That happened this week when Advocate creative services director Ryan Huddle was offered the opportunity to work at the Boston Globe. Ryan tells me he was perfectly happy at the Advocate, but couldn't turn down one of the country's most prestigious newspapers. He'll be working on the design of the paper's Sunday magazine and entertainment section. For a design guru's take on this news, check out Charles Apple's blog.

You had only to look at "Get Out" or "GC" or another of his stunning designs to recognize Ryan's incredible talent. He seemed to somehow keep outdoing himself and setting ever-higher standards.

Fortunately, Ryan also built a strong team around himself, helping us to carry on now. And we learn in the newspaper business that a departure also creates an opportunity for someone else. Few here had even heard of the Ohio paper where Ryan and his now-wife, Aprill Brandon, worked before coming to Victoria five years ago.

Yes, sad to say for those many fans of Aprill, this means our entertainment reporter and humor columnist also will be leaving us. The good news is she plans to keep writing her column for the Advocate. Perhaps this move will propel her into national syndication.

And perhaps there's another Ryan Huddle or Aprill Brandon out there waiting to join the Advocate. They showed us the possibilities are endless.