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The newsroom isn't a sentimental place. Gallows humor keeps us laughing instead of crying.

Thus, when reporter Aprill Brandon clocked out for the last time Friday, no one shed a tear. In the video below, you'll see editors standing by the white board where we map out the weekend editions while Aprill carries her last box of desk belongings.

As I blogged previously, she and husband Ryan Huddle are headed for a new opportunity in Boston. Our jokes notwithstanding, we'll miss them both.

While at the University of Houston-Victoria baseball game Saturday, I heard from one of Aprill's many fans. She said she was so pleased Aprill would still be writing her column for the Advocate.

We'll find another reporter, but Aprill's unique style and warped view of the world won't be duplicated. But no tears in the newsroom. A quick hug and a punch in the shoulder will suffice.