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My kids and I had the privilege of listening to the Rev. Bill Hassel's sermon from home plate in the Riverside Park stadium.

Pastor Bill, as most call him, delivered his address with the aid of a digital recorder, but the warmth of his smile made all of us see past the machine into his gentle soul.

The spring day couldn't have been any more glorious. Our daughter had to go to work after the service, but our 13-year-old son vowed to run the 5K even though he'd never gone that distance before. In track last year he specialized in distance running but never a 5K.

When he sprinted off at the start of the race, I thought sure he would fade in the last mile. However, he completed the course so fast, I wasn't even ready to videotape him crossing the finish line. He ended up winning his age bracket and finishing ahead of many adult runners.

The turnout for Sunday's event was magnificent, and I think we all left it appreciating each day a little bit more.