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We were excited Monday to have someone point out our mistake.

As odd as that may sound, we want readers to correct any errors in our coverage. We take accuracy seriously but know any daily newspaper is far from perfect.

With that in mind, we added Sunday a "report error" link at the top and bottom of each news article online. Within a day, a reader had used the link to notify us of an error. We double-checked the facts, published a correction Tuesday and updated the story online and in our archives. We also have added a section online where readers may find all of our corrections and clarifications, as they can expect to find them consistently in print on A2.

We hope these steps will help us do our job better. Our longstanding practice with every published mistake is to require a written explanation from all of those involved. We do this not as a witch-hunt but with a focus on reviewing our procedures and searching for ways to improve them.

Of course, we also encourage you to report errors the good, old-fashioned way, too: Call, write or stop by. Above all, we know any good news story must first be accurate. And, if we get it wrong, we thank you for helping us get it right.