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Image I appreciated this photo by Todd Krainin on many levels.

Obviously, it's a sweet moment -- the look on the boy's face is priceless. On a deeper level, you realize this is a Victoria West girl kissing an East player. Isn't it amazing how our kids keep crosstown rivalries and football games in the proper perspective?

On yet another level, the image recognizes that high school sports are about so much more than what happens on the field.

Lastly, I know Maddie Barham, the girl giving the kiss, a bit from my kids, and I'm just so touched to see her so happy. Those who know her story understand what I'm saying.

Every once in a while, we really get it right at the paper. Kudos to Todd and to sports editor John Hornberg for his terrific page design. And many thanks to Maddie and her boyfriend for being themselves.