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Apple devotees across the globe mourned the passing of CEO Steve Jobs. Within minutes of the news Wednesday night, people Tweeted, Facebooked and went to their computers in other ways to pay tribute to the man who changed society.

In the newsroom, of course, we were changing our front-page plans. Even though we generally focus on local news, we considered Jobs' death a historic moment worthy of the front page.

We also knew that we wouldn't be the first to tell most readers the news. In the digital age Jobs mastered, we hear about news before the newspaper hits the driveway. Along with everyone else, we had the news at within minutes of the announcement.

Consequently, we aim to capture the historic nature of such news and place it into a lasting context. A straight headline like "Steve Jobs dies" seems to fall far short of this mark.

For big events, we routinely banter about possible headlines. For the Jobs headline, we also included some readers in the discussion via Facebook. The headline we eventually settled on -- "Apple loses core" -- actually was suggested by a reader, Gayla Goff. (If you'd like to participate in such discussions, please go to the Victoria Advocate Facebook page or mine.)

We liked her suggestion because it summarized Jobs' importance to his company and provided the playfulness that so characterized the man and his innovations. Two callers said they considered the headline to be inappropriate for a death.

Goff responded to that criticism via Facebook: "Jobs was Apple -- the absolute core of this mega corporation! No disrespect ever intended for a genius that changed all our lives."

Another reader offered: "I thought today's headline was genius."

Genius or jarring? While never setting out to offend anyone, we want your Advocate to be memorable and mulled over.

What headline would you have written about Jobs' death?

Here are some other suggestions readers and our staff offered Wednesday night:

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-- iCon remembered - Steve Jobs dead at 56


-- iWorld mourns innovator

I wish we had this image available to use Thursday morning. It apparently is the creation of Jonathan Mak, a 19-year-old designer living in Hong Kong. The image is popping up all over the Internet.