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My musical tastes run much more toward the Beatles than Beethoven.

I'm not proud of my complete and utter lack of appreciation for classical music. I'm such a sufferer of symphonic scrud that I'd even go for Mac Miller over Mozart. Let's just say my appreciation of the fine arts is not high brow. My wife, Paula, might say una-brow is closer to the mark.

Paula, who plays the clarinet and serves on the Victoria Bach Festival board, suffers no such affliction. She dragged me to my first Bach Festival concert about five years ago.

And, much to my melodic mystification, I liked it. Although I don't have a clue about the difference between a B sharp and an F minor, I was able to let the music wash over me and admire the beauty of the world created by artistic director Craig Hella Johnson.

I look forward to seeing several performances this week and encourage you to give the Bach Festival a chance, if you have never been. The free noon concerts Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday offer a no-risk opportunity for expanding your horizons.

You'll be glad you went. The festival welcomes even people who are musically baroque like me.