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Awakened from 30 minutes of sleep Friday night, I stumbled into the newsroom shortly after midnight. Our computer system had suffered a catastrophic failure.

I expected to find a newsroom full of people cussing like drunken sailors. Instead, I found editors efficiently and quickly working to jury-rig a way to still get the paper out. The copy editors and page designers were throwing out solutions -- and even laughter -- almost as fast as problems arose.

The crisis reminded me of what a special newsroom team we have and how fortunate I am to work with all of these journalists. I also have to salute everyone else in our operation who worked tirelessly to make up for the lost time and still get Saturday's edition to your driveway.

We apologize for the late delivery and assure you we are working to keep this technical problem from crippling us in such a way again.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I want to say how much I appreciate the opportunity to serve this community and how grateful I am to work with everyone at the Advocate. Most of all, I want to thank my wife, Paula, for supporting me in a crazy profession that occasionally calls me back to work in the middle of the night.


Paula and I share a moment at the University of Houston-Victoria's Annual Report banquet last week. (Photo by Kevin Jordan)