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I still enjoy blogging, but I find other social media have consumed more of my time.

When blogging first came to newspapers, I was among the first editors to do so daily. I found the conversation with readers to be informative, invigorating and insightful.

My first post was back in 2003, when we had to explain that blog was a mash-up of the words "web log." Many journalists then thought of blogging as a crazy idea, but others embraced the new tool. Today, it's widely accepted that journalists should blog.

I spend more time than ever online via my iPhone, iPad or desktop, but I'm more often on Facebook, Twitter, Storify or Pinterest than on my blog.

A Pew Center study in 2010 found that young people were drifting away from blogging. I definitely don't qualify as young, so perhaps blogging is on the downward slide for all ages.

I still enjoy hearing from readers and think the conversation helps us do our jobs better in countless ways. Rather than blogging, maybe journalists should just say they're writing a column with reader comments and web linking as standard features.

How about you? Are you blogging as much as ever? And what's the next cool social media wave we'll all be riding?