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Drivers taking the curve on Magruder Drive near the railroad tracks had to swerve into the oncoming traffic lane to avoid a pothole.

After noticing this problem for a few days, I decided I should actually try to do something, so I reported a pothole for the first time in my life. Did you know the city of Victoria has a pothole hotline? I didn't, but I found the number on the city's website.

Figuring I'd have to leave a message, I was surprised when a man answered the phone at 7:40 a.m. last Monday. The man on the other end of the line took my information quickly and efficiently.

I was even more surprised when I drove by the curve the next morning and found the pothole already had been filled. Impressed, I shared my story with the city's director of public works, Lynn Short. He said the city's policy is to try to respond to all reports of potholes within 48 hours.

So far this year, the city has responded to more than 230 pothole complaints. In addition, the city has pothole crews out patching by zone every day, he said.

Victoria has a lot of old roads in need of pothole repairs, so accomplishing this turnaround must be challenging at times. What has been your experience in reporting a pothole? If you haven't yet, try the hotline number at 485-3160.

Let me know if your experience is as smooth as mine. I've put in my plug, so to speak, for the city.