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As I monitored all of the online updates about Monday afternoon's shooting in Victoria, I also reviewed our web traffic numbers for 2012.

The growth in our online readership is impressive. We know about the strong reach of the printed Advocate, but I have to say I wonder whether our web traffic will at some point top out as we reach everyone with a computer or smartphone in the Crossroads. If that's going to happen, 2012 definitely wasn't the year.

We revamped, and the readership growth reflects that. We experienced a 39.8 percent increase in unique visitors to our sports website in 2012.

We also grew 14.3 percent on our core site, We feel the online readership more intensely when breaking news happens. After Monday's shooting, we heard from many readers visiting our Facebook page and our website looking for real-time updates. We were happy to oblige with several of what we refer to as almost-live videos because the clips can be sent from the field to our website in a matter of minutes.

We can tell a significant amount of our web traffic comes from people looking for news when it happens rather than waiting for the 6 or 10 o'clock news. We're happy to provide this immediacy online while still going into more depth in your morning Advocate.