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Many of us prefer silence when writing or thinking hard about anything.

However, if you work in a newsroom, you always have to keep one ear tuned in to your surroundings, particularly the crackling of the police scanner. Some journalists embrace this duty, while others grumble about the distraction.

To make listening more fun, photo/video editor Kat Duncan and breaking news reporter Caty Hirst hit upon the idea of "breaking news bingo." Instead of numbers and letters, these bingo cards have words you might hear on the scanner such as "smoke," "Whataburger" and even "duck pond."

Naturally, local editor Becky Cooper, who has the scanner resting directly behind her desk, won the first game. However, other staffers are getting their competitive juices flowing and vowing to challenge her this round.

It's all in fun, of course, and certainly not intended to make light of anyone's misfortune. How do you have fun at your workplace?