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Advocate police reporter Caty Hirst wrote a story in December on the growing popularity of an underworld saint.

I found the story fascinating because I had never heard of Santa Muerte, thought to be a blend of a blend of ancient Aztec beliefs and Spanish Catholicism. The mark of a good reporter is to find something new affecting her community and to investigate and report what's happening. Hirst did this well in a special Sunday front-page report.

A few readers criticized us for the story. As one online reader wrote, "I thought this was inappropriate for the front page. Do we really want to glorifty something prostitutes and criminals worship?"

Our response then still stands: "When we write about such an issue, our intent is to educate and inform, not to glorify."

We were reminded of this story when we saw this Associated Press story on the national digest Monday: "Underworld saint becoming more popular in US." Kudos to Hirst for reporting this story first and from a local perspective.