Blogs » Your Advocate: an editor's blog » You can keep your pumpkin pie, Pilgrim


Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday for spending time with your family and giving thanks.

But please join me in ending this annual ode to pumpkin pie. The goofy-looking gourd is great for Halloween carving, but it produces a pitiful pie. Smother it with enough whip cream, and I'll eat it, but I'd much rather see that effort -- and those calories -- devoted to a pecan or apple pie.

Don't tell me about tradition. Pumpkin pie wasn't even served at the first Thanksgiving when the Pilgrims likely didn't have butter or flour or even an oven for baking.

Somewhere in the early 19th century, the pumpkin patrol took over and foisted this gooey pie upon an unsuspecting public. We've been stuck with it on Thanksgiving ever since.

If you insist on eating something orange for Thanksgiving, give me a sweet potato pie any day. Now that's a pie with a little kick to it -- at least that's how it was served at Steve's barbecue shack in Denton, where I used to go for lunch two decades ago.

The trouble is you can't find sweet potato pie much. Instead, there's a pumpkin placed everywhere you turn.

Sigh. Happy Thanksgiving.