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The trail crosswalk safety issue has been of great interest to me recently. Today's story, "Are new trail crosswalks safe?" (Gabe Semenza) was very informative to the public. Thanks for tapping the local-yocals as to when lights and other safety stuff will be installed. I stand corrected on the pedestrian/vehicle crosswalk rule of law. However, I found this info on the TX Dept. of Public Safety web site re: crosswalks. Maybe, this is why there is a "common misconception" regarding crosswalk right-of-way. Also, I was mis-informed about this issue when I took a defensive driving course a few years ago.

TX Driver's Handbook page 5-21 states:

"White crosswalk lines are painted on the road to indicate pedestrian crossing areas. Pedestrians should use these areas when crossing the road. At intersections where stop lines are missing, you must stop before the crosswalk when required to stop by traffic signs or signals or pedestrians."

(The handbook is accessible online.)

My main purpose when I first blogged about this a couple of weeks ago was to bring the safety issue to the public's attention. I did see some concerns about it. (I cleared out my blogs as I will not be blogging anymore. It is no longer viewable.) Special thanks to Gabe Semenza, David Tewes & Julie Zavala for your stories re: the trail.